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2021 Classes
Summer Art Camp

to pay online, please click the button below the class you would like to enroll you child in.  You must also either mail or drop off the completed enrollment form for each child.
June 14th 9am - 11am
The Blue Dog - Rodrigue
June 15th 9am - 11am
Musical Instruments - Picasso
June 16th 9am - 11am
Self Portrait - Kahlo
June 17th 9am - 11am
Red Poppy - O'Keeffe
June 18th 9am - 11am
Hiding Tiger - Rousseau
June 14th & 15th 1pm - 3pm
Playing with Clay
June 16th & 17th 1pm - 3pm
Piggy Piggy Bank
June 18th 1pm - 3pm
Funky Friday